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Dear Mr. Hargrove,
Thank you so much for helping me with my new tires! I appreciate you fitting me in on Saturday. Everyone was great - definitely worth the drive to Columbus!
Thanks again - see you soon!


To the wonderful guys working on March 22 who repaired our flat tire -
We were 3 girls from Washington DC far from home in Columbus, GA. We had just been in a car accident, leaving us with a flat tire in the pouring rain.
The staff at Tires First took care of 3 clueless girls who couldn't change a tire if their lives depended on it. You all were so friendly and helpful - and did it all for just $15! We can't thank you enough for that.
We also want to thank you for the incredibly easy (and accurate) directions to PC beach. We finally got there with no further problems, thanks to all your help.
We had a blast at the beach and will never forget our new friends in georgia, who showed us what the term "southern hospitality" really meant! 
Thanks guys!
-Nikki, Tasja and Jenny
-Nikki, Tasja and Jenny


Tires First,
Just wanted to say thank you for helping me so much and providing a honest place that we can bring our cars to. Your above and beyond customer service is greatly appreciated.
The Morand Family (Kim & Sean)
-The Morand Family (Kim & Sean)


Dear Tom:
Just wanted to drop you a line and again tell you thanks for taking great care of the wife's car! She had a blow out on the way home from work, you promised it at 3pm and at 12:30pm it was ready, but this is typical of your service.
I thank you again for a great job and will continue to talk you up!
-Bob Gafney
-Robert G


Mark and Tom,
You guys are the best!
Thank you so much for making A & E Wholesale a priority recently. My boss was more than satisfied with his "Tires 1st" experience.


Thank you for checking the brakes on my wife's 1999 Buick LeSabre this morning. I believe we have found an auto service center that we can trust. We plan to tell our friends about your friendly service.
Best wishes for the Holiday Season,
-William March
-William March


Dear Tom & Staff
Thank you for your kindness and prompt service while I have been looking for a good used car for my son. With your expert honest help we got the Cavalier. I missed you Saturday when we brought it back for 2 new tires & an oil change. My Car too. You can be assured you now have two loyal customers and I will refer my friends.
Anne Bryce
-Anne Bryce



I wanted to thank you again for the job you guys did yesterday on our surbaban...As I mentioned, I moved the family from Atlanta about a year ago. The service &attention you & Wes allowed me is unheard of in Atlanda, maybe anwhere for that matter. I met you guys at a tournament couple months back for the 1st time & yet you treated me like a family member yesterday. I am really impressed with your buisness & better yet the employees you have working for you. Having owned a small buisness myself, I can say from expeiernce what you guys have is special. There isn't much of it around anymore. 

In closing, yesterday was a pleasant reminder of why I decided to move my family to Columbus. You guys keep it up & I can't thank you again for work with me. 

Best Regards

-Rob Edwards

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you you know how satisfied I was with my first visit to your shop today. 

I tried your place because of the deal saver from the Ledger-Enquirer but you now have a new customer who will refer other people to you.

I was impressed by both the greeting and the service. The atmosphere was very homely which is nearly impossible to find anywhere these days.

Thanks again for a great visit.

-Bob Silverman


We were in Georgia for the Callaway Steeplechase. My son's truck clutch went on on Friday evening.

November 1. You did a rush job and got the truck ready for us on Saturday morning for pick up. We

really appreciate what you did. If you had not fixed us up in such a prompt time, we would have stranded

and been in deep trouble.

Thank you so very much.


cc: Race Committee, Calaway Steeplechase

-Francis hill Myers


Yesterday we had one of the big troup carriers go down for 8 tires. We were notified that is was

down at 2:30 in the afternoon and had no tires on hand.  We placed a call to TiresFirst that we do a

lot of business with and they responded in less than an hour and we had the truop carrier back to the TMP before 4:30.

Without Tires First timely response to our needs, we would not have been able to get this back on the road until sometime

today, possibly not until next week.  It is not often that good service gets recognized, and we do appreciate quality service in a timely matter.

Tim Malaby

Equipment Repair Supervisor

Ft. Benning, Ga

-Tim Malaby

Dear Mark,

I want to THANK YOU for giving me such OUTSTANDING service when I was in need.

You sent help immediately to help me with my BLOWOUT.

Your advertising program is absoutely true-your PERFORMANCE-QUALITY-SERVICE is outstanding.

Thanks, friend, and best wishes for the continued success of your business.

I appreciate your caring and thoughtful attitude to your customer.



-Jim Thompson

Tom and Mark,

On Friday, Oct 9, 2009 The Proclaimers Quartet heading out of town for a concert and had limited to get to our destination, get unloaded, and set up. As we neared Warm Springs Road connector on Manchester Expressway, the front driver's side tire blew. We realized immediately that we had a major dilemma.

We called Tires First and in a matter of minutes a young man named Chris arrived in the pouring rain. He set about his business in a extraordinary manner. He was focused,knowledgeable, kind, uncomplaining, professional, entirely thorough in all he did, and downright cheerful-again, all in a dreadful pouring down rain storm. It was apparent that his greatest desire was to get us up and running as quickly as possible. We were completely impressed with his attitude and behavior.

Chris represented Tires First in an impeccable manner. He provided us with superior customer service.

Due to his efforts, we made our concert on time.

When we returned to Tires First on Saturday to have a tire put on the other side and again on Tuesday to have the front end alignment, we were met with more excellent customer services. In a time when customer service seems a thing of the past in most places of business, Tires First set the standard that other business would do well to emulate.

We applaud and salute all the friendly and helpful staff members and employees of Tires First. It is indeed a pleasure doing business with you. You do it right.


Tommy and Morgan Watley

-Tommy and Morgan Watley